Through the Eye of the Needle

Through the Eye of the Needle

Weaving is an act of pact-making. It is a coming together of two bodies as something that transcends what they are able to stand as alone. Sewing goes even further in securing the permanence of this pact. The needle binds and takes from each material, whilst introducing a foreign body to keep it held tight. If we can see through the eye of the needle the world could appear quite different. Stefan Spiteri doesn’t paint a picture of it, he takes the time to weave it into place and does it within a long lineage of threaded histories. Spiteri is a painter who destroys his works in order to compile new ones.

THROUGH THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE is a spiritual reckoning within a world that often stops at edifice. Stefan Spiteri uses the needle to show there is more depth to a surface than what initially appears – that no element can avoid fraying and that a return to mending is the only way.


Curated by Andrew Borg Wirth

Designed by Lyanne Mifsud



Sound Installation by Chris Galea

Artworks by Speranza Spiteri


08.02.24 – 29.02.24

Malta Society of Arts, Valletta.


Photos by Lisa Attard

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