Oikos Logia acts as a portal to discuss the interdependence of natural and human environment. It serves as an artistic microcosm to consider the cultural and social breakdown in our relationship to the living; as well as the eclipse of the living into our urban fabric, created extrinsically to finally replace the original environment of the human animal.

This exhibition comprises a rich survey of contemporary work by Adrian Abela, Jon Banthorpe, Anna Calleja, Showzen Kajima, Tom Van Malderen, Cyril Sancereau, Ian Schranz, Stefan Spiteri, Ritty Tascum and Sam Vassallo.

Together, the artists address the infectious challenges of our time, framed amid excessive urban development, political and economic ambitions, and the thoughtless misuse, abuse and exhaustion of our habitat.

Rather than an exercise of judgement to tell people how to live their lives, the artists seek to create a conversation, to situate current environmental caveats towards a deeper understanding of our responsibilities towards our habitat.


Oikos Logia Group Show
R Gallery, Sliema, Malta
Curated by Julien Vinet
24th February- 8th April 2023

Photos by Lisa Attard

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